As United For Democracy Confronts MAGA Court’s Relentless Power Grab, Coalition Welcomes 6 New Organizations

As this Supreme Court prepares to issue new decisions, All* Above All, DC Vote, In This Together NEPA, Native Organizers Alliance, Third Act DC, and Vote Pro-Choice, will join the coalition to shine a spotlight on the Supreme Court’s MAGA supermajority’s efforts to gut American freedoms in a relentless power grab. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. United for Democracy (UFD) — a nationwide coalition to educate Americans about the impact today’s Supreme Court is having on their lives, freedoms, and democracy — today announced the addition of All* Above All, DC Vote, In This Together NEPA, Native Organizers Alliance, Third Act DC, and Vote Pro-Choice to the growing coalition.

As the Court’s MAGA supermajority prepares to deepen its relentless power grab by issuing more dangerous opinions that gut core freedoms, United For Democracy’s new partners will support the Coalition’s efforts to engage the public and highlight the ongoing threat the supermajority poses to abortion, the climate crisis, and our democracy, while providing protections and privileges to billionaire donors and large corporations. 

Representing tens of millions of Americans, United for Democracy is unprecedented in its size and scope. With the addition of these new partners, the campaign will harness growing outrage at MAGA justices to mobilize the American people, advocates, experts, and political leaders — demanding that Congress use their authority to rein in the Court.

“The threat that the MAGA-controlled Supreme Court’s relentless power grab poses to Americans’ freedoms is more urgent than ever, but as that threat grows, so does our Coalition,”  said Stasha Rhodes, Campaign Director, United for Democracy. “United for Democracy is thrilled to welcome new partners to our work shining a spotlight on the harm the MAGA supermajority on the Supreme Court is causing in communities nationwide. Today our calls demanding action from Congress to protect our rights and our democracy got louder, and together, we will be heard.”    

“Anti-abortion judges were never going to stop at overturning Roe v. Wade. Now, we face a summer with two more consequential Supreme Court decisions that could further decimate access to abortion – yet another relentless power grab on our fundamental freedoms and our ability to make the decisions that are best for our lives,” said Nourbese Flint, President, All* Above All. At All* Above All, we’re boldly reimagining a future that’s inclusive of the communities that are left behind by our current systems. We’re joining the United for Democracy coalition because it’s past time we recognize and call out that the bad faith actors behind the attacks on abortion and democracy are one and the same.

“The nearly 700,000 residents of D.C know too well that the institutions that should serve and uphold the promises of democracy are instead rigged against us. Now, the Supreme Court justices — who were confirmed by a Senate in which we have no *representation/vote* — are grabbing more and more power to further rig the rules in favor of their billionaire backers and against the will of the people,” said Kelsye Adams, Organizing Director of DC Vote. “We should be working to expand democracy to the mostly Black and Brown residents of DC, not fighting tooth and nail to stop the Supreme Court from trading it away. But at DC Vote, we will always fight to give power back to the people and we’re proud to join United For Democracy in that effort. 

“In This Together NEPA is proud to officially join the United for Democracy Coalition. As an organization working to bring joy and lift up our community throughout northeastern Pennsylvania, especially those traditionally overlooked, we know that it’s time to stop the Supreme Court’s relentless power grab that takes away our freedoms and keeps us from making the progress that working people need to thrive,” said Alisha Hoffman-Mirilovich, Executive Director of In This Together NEPA. “Together, we can build community and increase civic engagement around issues that have real impacts on all Pennsylvanians. We’re excited to work alongside these incredible partners in this important work.”

Democracy isn’t just a concept; it’s woven into the very essence of what it means to be Indigenous. It’s our way of life, and offers us the means to safeguard our rights, sacred sites, and traditions while uniting us to confront imbalances and injustices together,” said Judith LeBlanc, Executive Director of Native Organizers Alliance. “By mobilizing our communities, advocating for policy reforms, and amplifying Indigenous voices and others, we strengthen the very foundation of democracy, while defending our inherent rights to self-determination and sovereignty. Our efforts extend far beyond political battles; they speak to the heart of Indigenous resilience and our unwavering commitment to building a truly multiracial democracy for all. In joining the United For Democracy Coalition, we stand united in advocating for a fair court for all.”

“By now it’s abundantly clear that we live in a pro-choice nation, despite the fact that millions of Americans live in an area that’s hostile to abortion rights and reproductive healthcare. One of the clearest threats to the will of the people is our currently MAGA-captured Supreme Court and the corruption from the Federalist Society in our courts system,” said Sara Tabatabaie, Executive Director of Vote Pro-Choice. “That’s why we’re proud to join United for Democracy in their work to address the MAGA-supermajority on the court and the relentless power grab happening on behalf of special interests, billionaires, and lobbyists."

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