Who we are

United for Democracy is a new campaign launching to shine a spotlight on the impact of this Supreme Court on our families, our communities, our freedoms, and our democracy.

We are uniting because everything we stand for is at stake. We are a diverse and growing coalition of community leaders, grassroots organizations, labor organizers, and advocates working across reproductive rights, gun violence prevention, the environment, and more — all representing tens of millions of Americans.

Together, we believe Congress must act to rein in the extreme Supreme Court and put power back in the hands of citizens, not a few unaccountable elites. The extremist justices and those who prop them up don’t want us to have a voice – but our institutions answer to the people. It’s time to reclaim that power.

What we believe

The Supreme Court should serve as the protector of our democracy and the guardian of our fundamental freedoms. Today, extreme right-wing justices are exploiting their power, breaking judicial norms and ignoring decades of legal precedent to impose their own radical agenda on our country. These justices aren’t following the law, they are making policy decisions that limit freedom for people across the country, and their power grab shows no signs of slowing.

We’re demanding that Congress rein in this extreme Supreme Court, so it can serve as a bulwark of our democracy, protecting the freedoms of all Americans.

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