United For Democracy Welcomes Center For American Progress Action Fund To Coalition Calling For Congress to Rein In Extreme Supreme Court

As momentum continues to grow, the Center for American Progress Action Fund joins United for Democracy in calling on Congress to take immediate action

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, United for Democracy (UFD) — a nationwide campaign to shine a spotlight on the impact that today’s Supreme Court is having on their lives, freedoms, and democracy  and organize Americans to urge Congress to take action — is proud to welcome the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAP Action) to its growing coalition. 

This announcement comes as people across the country continue to lose confidence in their Supreme Court and are grappling with the loss of their fundamental freedoms following a spate of decisions that shattered legal precedent and judicial norms and hurt workers, families, communities, and our democracy. 

CAP Action’s  extensive body of work – dedicated to bold policies that strengthen our democracy, economy, environment, and communities – will bolster United for Democracy’s efforts to build the necessary momentum for change. The coalition will continue to expose how the Court has dismantled bodily autonomy, voting rights, civil rights, educational equity, and core tenets of American democracy, and call on Congress to take immediate action. 

United for Democracy is unprecedented in size and scope, with over 120 partner organizations to date. With CAP Action’s support, the campaign representing tens of millions of Americans harnesses growing outrage to mobilize the American people, advocates, experts, and political leaders, and demand that Congress rein in the Court.

“A healthy democracy requires a healthy judiciary." said Patrick Gaspard, CEO of CAP Action. "It’s time to bring meaningful reforms to a Supreme Court that’s clearly out of touch with the American people. It’s no surprise that Americans have lost faith in a court whose extreme justices act as if they are above any form of accountability. CAP Action looks forward to being in coalition with partners seeking the kind of change that will restore public trust in the court.”

“We are grateful to have the Center for American Progress Action Fund join United for Democracy and expand our strong and growing coalition in the fight to fix this broken Supreme Court,” said Stasha Rhodes, Campaign Director of United for Democracy. “Democracy can’t truly exist in a country where the highest court in the land can be captured by billionaires and extreme ideologues who are committed to tearing away  freedoms for everyone else. The Center for American Progress Action Fund is an integral leader in envisioning bold policies that better the lives of communities, and will serve as a crucial partner in our campaign.”

Founding members of United for Democracy include the American Federation of Teachers, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, League of Conservation Voters, Giffords, National Education Association, Fair Fight Action, SEIU, NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn, NextGen America, Black Voters Matter Fund, Alliance for Justice, LUCHA, Texas Gun Sense, Wisconsin Voices For Peace, UltraViolet, and more. 


United for Democracy is a diverse and growing coalition of more than 120 grassroots organizations, labor unions, and advocates for reproductive rights, gun violence prevention, the environment, workers’ rights and more, all representing tens of millions of Americans. The new nationwide campaign launched to educate Americans about the impact today’s Supreme Court is having on their lives, freedoms, and democracy — and call on Congress to rein in its unchecked powers.

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