Washington, D.C. – The Supreme Court issued a ruling this morning on United States v. Texas, deciding that the state of Texas does not have the right to overturn President Biden’s immigration policy. In the decision, the Court rejected Texas’s lawsuit seeking to overturn United States Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas’ immigration enforcement priorities. The Court found that Texas does not have standing for the lawsuit that argued that Homeland Security wasn’t arresting and deporting enough immigrants.

Stasha Rhodes, Campaign Director of United for Democracy, issued the following statement: 

“Today, immigrant communities will find temporary relief in the hard-fought outcome in U.S. v. Texas, which prevents Texas and other states from challenging ICE’s enforcement priorities for the time being. That this case was on the docket at all shows how far right the Court has lurched, the outcome notwithstanding. This ruling in no way changes the reality that extremists on today’s Supreme Court have unchecked power to select and rule on cases that either maintain the status quo they’ve helped create, or move our country closer to realizing their right-wing vision. Until Congress puts that power in check, United for Democracy will continue lifting up the voices of Americans who increasingly realize this Court is looking out for itself and its own values, not our nation’s.” 

Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, issued the following statement:

"Today's court ruling should have been painfully obvious to anyone focused on the law. This case should never have gotten this far, but, over the last three years Republican Governors and Attorneys Generals utilized what we call the “anti-immigrant judicial pipeline" to thwart any effort by the Biden Administration to manage our immigration enforcement priorities. At a time when Republicans are relying on the judicial pipeline to end, block or obstruct every other sensible immigration policy, we hope today’s ruling is a signal that on immigration, judges should follow the law and not impose their own politics."

Dinorah Nash, Membership Services Director of Living United For Change in Arizona, issued the following statement:

“When our communities are under attack, whether it be from the state of Texas, the Supreme Court, or ICE itself, we can acknowledge the relief from this decision without backing down in the broader fight. The Supreme Court will continue to decide cases that either maintain the status quo – one of deportations, arrest, imprisonment, and scapegoating of entire communities and nations of people – until Congress acts to end the Court’s unchecked power.”


United for Democracy is a diverse and growing coalition of more than 100 grassroots organizations, labor unions, and advocates for reproductive rights, gun violence prevention, the environment, workers’ rights and more, all representing tens of millions of Americans. The new nationwide campaign launched to educate Americans about the impact today’s Supreme Court is having on their lives, freedoms, and democracy — and call on Congress to rein in its unchecked powers. 

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