UFD Commends Judiciary Committee Subpoenas: Key Step in Congressional Oversight of Broken and Corrupt Supreme Court

Subpoenas issued following last week’s major revelation from Senate Finance Committee: Justice Thomas didn’t repay loan from major donor, failed to report forgiven debt 

The Supreme Court recently launched its new term with cases impacting the health, safety, livelihood, rights, and freedoms of millions of Americans. 

Washington, DC – Today, United for Democracy released the following statement commending the Senate Judiciary Committee for issuing subpoenas to compel evidence from billionaires Harlan Crow and Robin Arkley and far-right dark money operative Leonard Leo, a significant escalation of the Committee’s oversight of the Court and investigation into the recent spate of judicial influence, corruption, lack of ethical standards, and apparent lawbreaking by its justices.

“This Supreme Court has made it very clear that it has no plans to stop its extreme justices from engaging in rampant corruption, ethics breaches, and influence peddling, so we are very glad to see the Senate Judiciary Committee step up to compel the testimony and documentation that the justices are desperate to keep in the shadows,” said United for Democracy Campaign Director Stasha Rhodes. 

“This Supreme Court has gone unquestioned and unchecked for far too long and workers, families, and communities across the country are paying the price. These subpoenas are a critical first step toward Congress exercising its judicial oversight rights on behalf of the people they represent, and we commend Chairman Durbin, Senator Whitehouse, and the many other brave senators willing to stand up to this powerful and out-of-control Supreme Court and its wealthy and well-connected benefactors.

“We are hopeful that this investigation will continue and expand and that Congress will take legislative action to finally rein in this extreme, corrupt, and broken Supreme Court.”

Earlier this month, United for Democracy hosted its “We Object” rally on the first day of the Court’s new term to emphasize the urgency of reining in the Court after a summer when extreme justices attacked core fundamental freedoms and were caught in the pockets of their wealthy benefactors.

In July, United for Democracy and 90 grassroots organizations, labor unions, advocates for reproductive rights, gun violence prevention, the environment, workers’ rights, and more, sent a letter to members of Congress calling on them to investigate and take action to address the broken and extreme Supreme Court. 

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