Washington, D.C. Today, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down its decision in the Biden v. Nebraska and Department of Education v. Brown, blocking President Biden’s student debt relief plan which would allow nearly 40 million Americans to qualify for up to $20,000 of student debt relief. This decision disproportionately harms BIPOC borrowers and opens the door to future challenges to policies made by the President.

Stasha Rhodes, Campaign Director of United for Democracy, released the following statement on behalf of the coalition in response to the ruling:

“Today extreme justices continued to side with big banks and right-wing politicians who expect their friends on the Court to overrule policies they don’t like. As a result, nearly 40 million Americans struggling with crushing student loan debt may never get the relief they were promised – and that the executive branch has the authority to give. We don’t need politicians in robes grabbing more power for themselves, we need a Supreme Court that interprets the law fairly and without bias, and delivers for our students. Congress, it’s time to take action and check the power of this extreme, activist, right-wing Supreme Court.”

Statement from Wisdom O. Cole, National Director, NAACP Youth & College Division:

It is devastating that the cries of Black Americans continue to fall on deaf ears. Students, teachers, parents and politicians have repeatedly demanded relief from the crushing weight of student debt - and this government refuses to listen. We cannot thrive as a nation if we do not close the racial wealth gap. Taking the first step to relieve us from student debt is taking a first step towards true equity in a system that was built against us. We refuse to accept defeat. We refuse to live through a reality where our potential for growth and prosperity is hindered by predatory lenders and passive politicians. No matter what was allegedly decided today — failure is not an option. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to hold the Biden Administration accountable on their promise to make us student debt free in 2023. And we are calling on Congress to hold this rogue Court accountable.”

Mary-Pat Hector, CEO of RISE, issued the following statement: 

“In two days, the Supreme Court – which represents an elite few, has dismantled years of hard work by youth and organizers to fight for student debt forgiveness, equitable access to higher education, and basic rights for all Americans regardless of their sexual orientation.

Before this decision, there was already more work to be done to make education accessible. Yet rather than taking a step forward for progress for our communities, the Supreme Court is sending us backwards. Rise will not back down from the fight for the promise of equal access to education.

We will see a future without student debt, and to get to that future, we call on President Biden and Congress to find a path forward for relief for the millions of Americans who were promised it and are counting on it. And we call on Congress to act to rein in the Court.”


About United for Democracy:

United for Democracy is a new national campaign launching to shine a light on the devastating impact this Supreme Court is having on our families, our communities, our freedoms, and our democracy. We are a diverse and growing coalition representing millions of Americans from all walks of life – labor organizers, grassroots organizations, and advocates for reproductive rights, the environment, and more.

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