Supreme Court’s Reversal of Colorado Decision Raises Stakes for Democracy — Congress Must Act

Decision shows the Supreme Court’s true colors as politicians in robes and not defenders of our democracy  

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the United States Supreme Court overturned a ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court to remove Former President Trump from the state’s ballot. In response, Stasha Rhodes, Campaign Director of United for Democracy — a coalition of 130+ state and national organizations calling on Congress to fix the broken Supreme Court — issued the following statement:

“Today the Supreme Court proved they can move quickly, despite their continued slow-walking on Trump’s immunity case. In allowing Donald Trump, an undisputed insurrectionist, to continue on the ballot free from consequence, the Supreme Court is showing its true colors: they are politicians in robes and not defenders of our democracy. The stakes of this moment demand bold leadership and action — it’s time for Congress to rein the Court.”  

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